Tired of Hot Dogs?| 21 Easiest Gourmet Foods Cooked in Foil by Campfire


Hot dogs. Oh, how I hate hot dogs. My kids even hate hot dogs.  Why does every campsite want to serve everyone hot dogs?

Do you hate hotdogs as much as we do? Just burned out on them during your camping trips?

We are with you!

Easiest Gourmet Foods Cooked in Foil by Campfire

Well, we have found the answer.

21 Best and Easy gourmet style recipes that you can cook right at base camp.

These easy foil recipes can be made prior to leaving or right at camp in your favorite chair. Take the boring old campfire foods and replace them with these gourmet style options that are sure to kick your camping experience up a notch.

Before you head out to your next campsite, take a look at our 21 favorite best, easy foil recipes and pick a few to try and leave the hot dogs at home.

1. Egg Bake Breakfast

Breakfast at camp is always the best. A hot meal in the cool morning to get your day started is not always that easy unless your eating oatmeal which can get old and boring quickly. Here is eggs and cheese bake that is sure to make a good start to any day. Find the details via Julies Eats and Treats.

2. Hot Ham and Swiss Croissants


Hot Ham and Cheese. Who does not like hot ham and cheese on a Croissant? These little mouthwatering eats are easy to make and great for the kiddos. Make a bunch because no one can resist these best tasting, warm, cheesy pockets of goodness. Get the full details by Life with the Crust Off.

3. Honey Dijon Chicken

Chicken. “Who does not like chicken,” said no one ever. This mouth-watering recipe comes perfect with mixing the right ingredients to surely make everyone comes asking for more. Nice mix of vegetables with savory seasonings. Wish I was at a camp now. Did I mention it was easy healthy? Get the full recipe from EatWell101.

4. Teriyaki Chicken

Who knew Pillsbury did more than biscuits? Teriyaki just makes chicken oh so much better. The blend of sweet and salty pulls this meal together. Add your vegetables and rice to compliment. What more could you need? This spin on Asain cuisine to add some pop to your campfire dinners. Get it all the info HERE.

5. Chicken Fajitas

Tex-Mex and chicken. What the South West was built on. If you love fajitas as much as we do you will surely want to add this the favorites list. Explosions of tex-mex flavor with every bite.  Mixed will all the extras to complete the traditional fajita we all love. Your next campfire meal could be just like ordering takeout from your favorite restaurant. Be sure to check out Dinner At the Zoo to add the ingredients to your shopping list.

6. Chessy Ranch Chicken Potato

Chicken. Cheese. Ranch. Potatoes. WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED? This has everything that screams “the party is here!” Every taste that you could want is wrapped up right here in foil. This is sure to be a family pleaser. Can you smell it through the screen like I can? Wow! Did we mention this is Gluten Free? Get all the ingredients and how to prepare right here at A Spicy Perspective.

7. Lemon Chicken and Potatoes

Lemon and chicken. Tart over potatoes. Easy, fun and a staple when it comes to chicken meals. Seasoning to blend it together so you feel like your eating some made in the Mediterranean. Campfire meals do not have to be bland or boring with meals like this who would go back to hot dogs? Get this easy to make recipe from Chuhgah HERE.

8. Bacon Ranch Chicken and Potatoes

I’m sorry did you say Bacon? Yes, we did. Bacon makes everything better. I’m sorry did you also say Ranch? Yes, we did. I’m sorry did you say potatoes? Yes, we did. Seriously what better combination is there. Get the combo to this masterpiece from Dinner at the Zoo.

9. Grille Barbecue Chicken and Vegetables

Barbecue sauce-drenched chicken and vegetables sound like a great way to not have a boring meal to me. This healthy replacement for hot dogs is sure to make an impression on your camping family. Make sure to use as much barbecue sauce to match the flavor you want. See the step by step at Diethood.

10. Southwestern Chicken & Rice

Another Southwestern Tex-Mex dish that rivals your favorite Tex-Mex restaurant dish. This perfect mix of savory spices and seasoning will make your meal at camp better than ever. You will not disappoint with this Hot Dog busting replacement. Get full details here at Gimme Delicious Food.

11. Grilled Hawaiian Barbecue Chicken

Now if anyone knows how to grill chicken it’s definitely Hawaiians. The mix of sweet pineapples with salty of the seasonings and spices makes it hard to resist. Something about warm pineapples that just makes you think chicken cannot be any better. Here is what and how you will replicate this meal by The Recipe Critic.

12. Sausage Potatoes and Green Beans

Let’s shake it up a bit and get out the chicken realm. Sausage! Big brother to hot dogs. Almost as good as bacon. Actually, you could probably add bacon to this recipe but nevertheless this a great combination that is sure to please. Quick, easy to prepare and ready to take with you to your campsite. Get the list of stuff HERE to show Hot dogs where they can go.

13. Butter Garlic Herb Steak

Yeah, buddy! Steak. It’s red meat and it’s what’s for dinner. Just look at all that goodness wrapped up in foil. What a heavenly site this is. Seriously this looks like it should be on the menu at a fancy restaurant. Who would ever settle for hot dogs again after this? Easy to make and sure to you the king of the camp with everyone who partakes in this feast. Get your instructions at The Recipe Critic.

14. Shrimp and Asparagus with Garlic Lemon Butter Sauce

Oh, my Heavens! Would you look at this? This is an entree off many of fancy seafood restaurants that I have eaten at. Shrimp and butter. Butter and Shrimp. They just go together. Try this at your next campsite because you need this in your life. Never again pack hot dogs when you can pack this. Find out everything at Cooking Classy.

15. French Dip Sandwiches

This sandwich looks amazing. So unbelievably easy to make it will make your head spin. Look at all that roast beef. Beef and Cheese. Always a great combo. The war on hot dogs is on with this sandwich. Make sure to add this to your list for your next outing and watch how impressed everyone becomes. Get the full ingredients and video at Chelsea’s Messy Aron.

16. Nachos

Every kid and every person on the planet love NACHOS. If they say they don’t they are lying to you. You can never go wrong with nachos. A great way to spice up the night and make sure everyone will eat until it is all gone. Get the recipe from The Cookie Rookie.

17. Loaded Campfire Potatoes

Loaded potatoes? At a campsite? Yes Please! Who can say no to a loaded potato? These make the perfect side to any grilled meat or just awesome all by themselves. Next time you are at camp, treat yourself and your family. Bring these simple yet awesome foil packets with you to sure make a great meal. Simple recipe here at Twin Dragon Designs.

18. Camp Quesadillas

I don’t know if your kids are like mine but when we go out to dinner, if Quesadillas are on the menu they are getting them. True Tex-Mex original and always a crowd favorite. There is a reason why almost every restaurant on planet earth has them on the menus. Everyone loves them. Do not disappoint and make sure to add them to your list of go-to camping foods. Get the easy to follow the recipe at Cupcake Diaries.

19. Hot Ham and Pineapple Campfire Sandwiches

Here we are with the perfect Hawaiian twist on the “Ham sammich”. Pineapple and ham and as perfect as newborn puppies. Ok not sure why I used newborn puppies as an analogy to describe my love for ham and pineapple together but seriously this just makes a great sandwich. The sweet on the salty combination is amazing together. Just have to add this to your food list. Get the instructions and everything you need at Dessert Now Dinner Later.

20. Campfire Cappuccino Monkey Bread

My wife has made these multiple times and everyone goes crazy over them. You know those cartoons where you have the big fight over the last dog bone in the yard. That’s the scene at my house when this monkey bread comes out. If God was still given us manna to eat like He provided the Israelites in the wilderness, I am sure this would be it. Do yourself a favor and get the recipe from Kleinworth & Co. and treat your family to 21st century Manna from Heaven.


21. Campfire Apple Pie Packets

You can not have a campfire without having an American tradition. Apple pie. Apple pie is as American and traditional as the American Flag itself. My kids can not get enough of these when they are made. Make sure to pack enough because they are sure to be a crowd pleaser. Get the easy and step by step recipe at The Country Cook.

Now in case you are wondering “Looks great but HOW DO I COOK THEM?”

Never fear. Here is a great tutorial on just how to cook these on at your next campfire.

Not wanting to use the coles and in a little bit of a hurry? You can use this Awesome cooking grate (best price HERE at Amazon) to speed things up some by cooking over a flame.


If you are still set on making those terrible bland plain hot dogs you can, but do not see why you would after seeing all these gourmet options.

There you have it. 21 new ways so you can throw plain boring hot dogs in the trash and kick your game up a notch next time you’re the chef at the campsite. Be careful though. When you start showing off your new found skills, you will probably be named the resident chef.

What is your favorite recipe?

Have you tried any of these listed?

What is your favorite way to cook at the campsite?

Leave your comments below.


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