How to Clean a Rusty Dutch Oven the Easy Way


How to Clean a Rusty Dutch Oven the Easy Way while at a Camp

Have you been there? You pull out the dutch oven to notice that it is rusty and you are cooking for your buddies. Ho to clean a rusty Dutch oven and What are you to clean it with?

Whatever you do, do not use soap and water. Do not use a steel wire brush or metal scraper.

Use some coarse sea salt and a potato (yes, I know “Potato” was spelt wrong in the video, Grammar Police) and cooking spray.

The camera was not recording so this is the 2nd take. The dutch oven was HORRIBLE the first go around (sorry for the technical difficulties, but hey we are learning).

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Clean a Rusty Dutch Oven at camp over a fire pit grate

  • What ways do you clean your cast iron?
  • Have you ruined the seasoning by using soap and water?

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