How God uses Life to Empower Your Focus.

How God uses Life to Empower Your Focus owl in a tree looking down at you
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As life events happen and good turns into bad. Your once envisioned outcome has diminished. You become upset and almost angry losing your focus on what really matters. How do you empower your focus again?

I remember one season hunting with my dad. We got together early in the morning, packed our stuff, making sure we had everything that we needed for that day.

On our way to the woods, dad asked where are we going to be hunting today?

I’m told him we were going to be hunting in a spot I had been scouting for some time.

The place was almost perfect. Near water and surrounded by acorns, I told him about a perfect hunting funnel point that we were going to be setting up in.

We get to the woods and begin to unload the truck. Dad asked how far it was from where we’re from the truck. “Location wasn’t far, a short my walk maybe from the truck but don’t worry this place is going to be worth it,” I stated.

I almost couldn’t contain my excitement, as I felt like I was running to get to the spot. I kept imagining the big deer that we would see because of this spot location and everything needed to make a great hunt.

I explain to Dad that the spot was just up ahead. You can feel the excitement growing in him as was well.

As approaching the spot where I planned on hanging my stand, I noticed something and my heart began to sink.

Someone else was in “my perfect spot”.

The spot where everything was supposed to come together. Where I knew the day was going to change. That place, that perfect place where enjoyment was to be for my dad and me.

Have you ever been in this place? Where are you with somewhere and everything was supposed to go exactly the way it was planned? Only to be upset that not every detail worked out in your favor?

Sometimes this is how you act toward God? You go to church in a great mood, ready to be there to worship, only to find that someone else is sitting in your favorite seat.

You know the ONLY seat where God can speak directing to you every Sunday morning?

Now that someone is going to receive your blessing because they are in your seat.

Crazy, right?

What happens to your attitude?

Be honest with yourself. You know your whole day is now ruined.

You can’t focus while you’re in church because that was your seat. Whatever the pastor speaks on falls on your deaf ears. All you can think about is that you’re not in your favorite spot.

God wants you to be able to worship anywhere you are. Regardless of whether you’re sitting in your favorite seat, or if you’re having to sit in the back.

It’s not about the location, it’s about what you’re doing at that moment in time. The gift that God has given you, the time to Worship and time to enjoy his creation.

[Tweet “Spending your time upset, because things didn’t go exactly the way you planned or you did not get your way, is foolish. It is as if your saying God does not know what he’s doing.”]

Plans change, and things don’t always go to plan because God sometimes changes events to get your attention.

He yearns for undivided attention and will change things up to get to you see where your focus was.

Back to my dad and I in the woods.

I was more focused on being in the perfect spot that I lost sight of why we were there, to begin with. We were to spend time with each other in God’s creation and enjoy the time that God has given us.

I thought my day was ruined.

I knew we were not going to be in a good location because now we had to scramble to try to get somewhere else.

I had to find another spot that I thought was going to be good for us to be able to harvest a deer.

I wish I could say that it turned out for the better.

I wish there was a happy ending saying that dad shot the biggest deer of his life.

But, that’s not how the day turned out.

We didn’t kill anything nor did we see anything.

But, it was probably one of the best trips that I can remember and where we made the most memories being in God’s creation enjoying each other’s time.

We laughed we cut up and we learned a few more spots to scout for next season.

“Don’t just show up” when it comes to God.

Do not go to church to sit in your favorite spot and talk to the same people.

Sometimes God will let someone else sit in your seat so you can get a different perspective of worship.

Or maybe he is trying to use you in some way?

You never know who’s sitting around you.

By changing that spot, or having to sit in the back, you may get a chance to introduce yourself to a new visitor who may be needing to hear from God today.

You just might be that blessing of a person that talks to them that keeps them or that allows them to connect to God while they’re in your church.

Same goes for your daily devotions.

“Actually show up” to your devotions.

When you do your morning Devotion to God, don’t just show up.

Don’t just show up while having your mind racing in all different directions.

Instead, absorb yourself into that time that you have and to what you’re reading. (Here is the exact Bible I use that helps me understand scripture better)

I have struggled with this for years.

You need to make a mindset to begin your devotions to with a clear mind to focus and listen to what God is trying to tell you through the reading.

Acknowledge the things that God has given you and the opportunity to be able to sit and worship His work freely.

This shouldn’t be a struggle or “have to do” kind of mindset.

[Tweet “When you go to do your devotion you should come willing and ready for God to speak to you.”]

Like when my father and me in the woods.

Upset that the spot was taken, we decided to see take full advantage of the time we had together and enjoyed our company in God’s creation.

We were just happy to have had the free time, health and opportunity to embrace what God had given us.

In Conclusion

Be thankful for each and every day that God allows your eyes to open, get out of bed and stand upright. We are not promised tomorrow and you may never get the opportunity to make memories with your loved ones, as we did this hunting trip.

Make the best out of every situation that God gives you. You never know what blessings God may deliver your way because of having a good attitude and striving to serve him each daily. The only way is to understand God uses life to empower your focus.

God Bless.

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  • In what ways have you let your attitude judge how the rest of your day is going to be?
  • Are there areas in your life that you would like for God to change?
  • What Outdoor Adventure can you share that parallels with this story

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