30 Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsman Under $25 dollars this Holiday Season

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What gift ideas for the Outdoorsman under $25 dollars for the person who has everything?

You want to get your outdoorsman a gift for the holidays but not wanting to break the bank. But what do you get the outdoorsman that has everything? Maybe you have no idea what to get that person because you know nothing of the outdoors? Well here are 30 Gift ideas under $25 your Outdoorsman is sure to appreciate.

For starters, every outdoorsman is ALWAYS in need of something. From the newest, latest gadget or something that is about to wear out. We as outdoorsman tend to be rough on equipment through use and just everyday wear.

Here is a list of 30 gift ideas under $25 dollars that you may not have thought about for your outdoorsman.

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1. Victorinox Swiss Army Spartan Pocket Knife

I can not begin to explain how much I use this knife. It has opened boxes, cut steaks, cleaned fish, has dug splinters from fingers and the list goes on and on. It is ALWAYS in my pocket, part of my EDC (Every Day Care) gear that I never leave home without. Definitely #1 on the list for a reason.

2. Rechargeable Flashlight, BYB F18 LED Tactical Flashlight, 800 Lumens Super Bright Pocket-Sized

Every Outdoorsman needs light from gathering wood for a fire or getting set up in the stand before morning daylight. This flashlight it AMAZING. Was shocked at how bright it actually was. This has now replaced most of my Maglights due to the fact that it is rechargeable and compact. For the price, you can not go wrong with this rechargeable flashlight.

3. BLITZU Head Flashlight Headlamp, 165 Lumen Headlight with Bright White Cree Led + Red Light

I purchased this exact headlight for Hunting season with no regrets. The Red light is what I was looking for due to helping keep your natural night vision when setting up stands and duck blinds. The light worked stellarly. Very comfortable and the head strap was secure. What I hated most about my old headlamps is the would slide my head when looking down. This one did not do it once the whole trip. 2 thumbs up for this lamp.

4. Soft Digits Ultimate Accessory Kit for GoPro Hero 6 5 4 3+ Session Accessory Bundle Set for Action Camer

Action camera mounts are a must for the outdoorsman. You want to capture your adventure as your making memories so the action camera is always in the bag. The problem is not one camera mount can solve all of your problems when trying to capture that moment. This kit cover “just” about every possible way you need to mount your camera to get the shot you want. PLUS you get the awesome zipper case to house all your action camera mounts in one convenient place.

5. The Sportsman’s Bible: KJV Compact Edition, Camo LeatherTouch

The Bible. One book that everyone should read and take with them everywhere. With the compact Bible carry in your pack is a breeze. With the camo covering you do not have to worry about the deer see you read your devotions from the stand during hunting season or the mallards seeing you in the blind. Grab God’s word and cherish it every day. This book, if read from the heart has changed the lives of men and women since the beginning of time. Trust me when I tell you that this is something you will never take forgranted and is THE BEST gift you can give someone.

6. Marshmallow Roasting Sticks 10 Pack Extra Long 45’’ Stainless Telescoping Hot Dog Smores Skewers Kids Safe

OK, so I know what you are thinking… Really roasting sticks? Most outdoorsman would just make their own out of branches. I would agree, HOWEVER, the reason I am putting them on the list is two-fold. One because the at compact to pack just in case you can not find long enough, clean branches AND they telescope out to 45 inches. Second, they are kid safe. Meaning they are long enough to keep them away from the fire AND the points are not sharp. Unlike my old set that could double for an ice pick. I now feel more comfortable handing these to my kids for roasting marshmallows.

7. SublimeWare®® Sportmans Mount for GoPro Hero 5/6/3/3+/4/4+ The Frame Session Gun Mount for Rifle Hunting

Ok I know I already listed action camera mounts but this one is for a specific reason. It’s for the Sportsman in mind. This baby clamps to your gun barrel, compound bow, fishing rod and the like. I personally purchased this for my GoPro 4 to mount to my compound bow for hunting season and they quickly realized, I would be using it on my shotgun for duck hunting and turkey hunting in the spring. Sure beats the price GoPro is charging for the same action camera mount.

8. HME Products – Folding Bow Hanger (Pack of 3)

Even if your outdoorsman is not a hunter or does not archery hunt these hangers would make a great gift. They are great for hanging anything you would in a tree. Like a backpack, lantern, trash bags. You name it. I actually bought these to hang my bow, a backpack and for an additional way to mount my 2nd camera while in the tree stand during hunting season. The sky’s the limit where you can utilize these hangers.

9. SEOULSTORY7 5pack Men’s Bio Climbing DryCool Cushion Hiking/Performance Crew Socks

Who doesn’t love socks for Christmas? Especially when they will make your feet happy. “Happy feet, happy life,” I think that is how it goes. Most outdoorsman neglect this area of their gear and should be the one area you should pay the most attention to. Your feet maintain most of your comfort and are the gateway to your health. When your feet suffer, you will suffer.

10. Monkey Paks Small Military Tactical Backpack

My brother has this backpack and would not trade it for anything. It has been with him for years. Even though customs on his missions trip to Bolivia. PLUS it comes with a 2.5 L Hydration bladder for those trips in the hot sun or where you do not want to bring multiple water bottles. Designed after the military 3-day assault packs that troops depend on. Small enough to for an easy carry, yet big enough to carry all you need.

11. Huntvp Tactical Military Sling Chest Daypack Backpack For Hunting, Camping and Trekking

For when you are just taking a quick hike and you only want to bring the necessary gear with you. Perfect for the everyday carrier as well. What I like is it’s quick access points and the ability to carry into the woods light. This would make the perfect fly fisherman’s fly pack carrying all your fly fishing equipment without breaking the bank. Sling it over your shoulder and take on your adventure.

12. Frogg Toggs Men’s Waterproof Ultra-Lite2 Suit

Ever been caught in the rain and wished you had a raincoat with you? It has happened to me one too many times, but not now. My Dad gifted me a Frogg Toggs rain suit and it has saved the day many times. Especially fishing. Throw this suit in the boat for those surprise late afternoon showers here in Florida and you get to ride home dry. This suit is always in my hunting backpack for the same reasons. You never know when I rain shower will appear and ruin your day. Packs easy and definitely easier to carry around then an umbrella.

13. Don’t Die In The Woods World’s Toughest Ultralight Survival Tent

The name says it all. Don’t Die in the Woods. You never know when you might need a shelter, emergency blanket or highly visible signal when you need help the most. The thing about emergencies, is you never know when they are going to happen, but when they strike you need to be prepared. This tent is small enough to take with you just about anywhere. Through it in your pack, car or make your wife carry it in her purse when you go out. Ok, I may be kidding about your wife’s purse unless she is a doomsday prepper and has made room in her purse for one.

14. GULAKI Survival First Aid Kit, 15 in 1 Outdoor Emergency Kits Gear Medical Supplies Trauma Bag

No backpack or ruck is complete without an emergency survival kit. This is a great option because it has just about everything you would need in an emergency survival situation. Bandages are not normally accompanied with most outdoor survival kits but this one makes room for wounds. PLUS you get utensils with eating with so you can survive yet stay sophisticated in the process. Pair this with your bushcraft survival skills you have been honing and you are sure to comfortable in you time of need.

15. Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife with Carbon Steel Blade, 4.1-Inch, Military Green

A standard in the fixed blade bushcraft knife world. Carbon steel makes it easier to kit sharp plus with the high friction anti-slip grip your sure to be able to feather those fire fuel sticks like a champ. 4.1-inch blade makes for the perfect carry and easy to handle when carving out tools you need in the field or skinning that meal your about to cook over a fire. Sweden made so you know you are getting a good product and for the price, you should buy multiples to through in every pack you carry.
That’s right. The same company that made the super sharp fabric scissors that your mother warned you not to use because they would chop your fingers clean off, also makes hatchets. Designed to cut, faster, with less effort and comes with a lifetime warranty. Orange handle so not to get lost in the bushes (yes this has happened to me) and properly balanced to keep your arm attached while chopping firewood at camp.

17. Lansky Puck – Dual Grit Multi-Purpose Sharpener – Blade & Tool Sharpener

Wear on the blades of your knife, hatchet and ax will dull your edge fast. The Lansky puck will bring life back your blades and get you back to the action. Small, easy to carry and can be used with just about anything with an edge. Easy to use is why I love and always carry my puck just to make sure my tools of the trade stay as sharp as possible. Remember, you get cut when the blade is dull due to lack of performance from your tool.

18. Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw, 7-1/2 -Inch Blade

Folding saws will make your life so much easier with cutting branches for firewood. I am all for using the hatchet as much as possible but some branches will wear your arm out trying to cut. Folding saw will cut if a fraction of the time with larger diameter branches. It folds so it will store easily in your pack and you should not go into the woods without one. Trust me on this one and you will thank me later.

19. überleben Zünden Fire Starter 

Does not matter, in the rain, sleet, wind, snow, cold or hot. This fire starter will start a fire in any condition as long as you follow a few simple runs. Spark, fuel, and air. This provides a huge magnesium spark that will last long enough for you to get your firewood fuel going with the correct amount of air flow to the flames. Wooden handle and paracord neck lanyard so it will be on your person no matter what emergency situation you find yourself in. Great tool to practice and hone your bushcraft survival skills before you desperately need to know how to use them.

20. Trayvax Summit Wallet

Smaller and thinner than the Trayvax original wallet, its the smallest tactical EDC wallet they make. Carries up to 8 cards and made with Military spec nylon webbing this wallet can go anywhere, anytime. Tough as nails, this wallet can take what you can through at it while keeping your credit cards safe. I personally have the original that a buddy bought me for Christmas last year and I have to say I will never go back to a traditional wallet again. Fits great in your front pocket to keep your back aligned when you sit (the common problem with traditional back pocket wallets) to avoid back pain. Easy to use and easy to carry.

21. Handcrafted Stitched Leather Journal Notebook Cover with Inside Pocket: Includes 8 Bonus Refillable Field Note Book Journals

Journals make a great way to pass time and also record important events that happen during your adventures. Sometimes getting a video or even a picture is not possible, so to make sure not to forget the event a journal makes a great way to jot down notes. I personally use a journal for devotions, ideas that come to mind and patterns notice when hunting. Journals have been kept by many outdoorsmen for thousands of years to remember important events through history. Make sure next time you have yours with you to document your adventure.

22.  Fisher Space Pen Bullet Space Pen with Clip – Matte Black

Where do I begin on how much I LOVE my Bullet Space Pen. I have had my pen for over 20 years and will not leave the house without it. Every distinguished man has a good ink pen on his person and this is the pen on my person. It writes like a dream. Does not matter the time, place, temperature, angle or even gravity for that fact. This pen will write when you need it to write. Small enough to carry in my pocket and tough enough to stand up to the abuse. Great for writing in journals and the clip allows you to make sure you have it with you when you need to write history.

23. Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier

My multi-pliers get used almost every day. From fixing small projects to cleaning my nails, this tool gets used a lot. I have fixed my kids bikes, repaired computers, tightened fishing equipment, tied flies, repaired vehicles and the list goes on. Between this and my Victorinox knife, I feel like MacGyver. With a name like Gerber and this price point, you should be repairing your stuff in no time.

24. Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival

Every man should know how to survive in the wilderness for the “what if” scenario. Some of the most important skills in survival are shared in this easy to follow book from one of the best in the industry. Learn what it takes to build a toolbox of skills to survive in the wilderness if the time should ever arise. You can also read our FREE Bushcraft for Beginners Guide here to get started until your book arrives.

25. Gentlemen’s Hardware AGEN025 Adventure Enamel Camping Mug

My wife bought me an Enamel Camping mug and it has now become the only mug I use for coffee. Rugged, stylish and build for the outdoors. Lightweight so makes for an easy pack to ensure you always have a mug for your morning cup of joe. Unlike packing a “regular” glass mug and the fear of it breaking in your pack. No worries with this one. Just throw it in and roll with the trails ahead.

26. Soufull Camping Hammock Hammock Tree Straps&Carabiners, Portable Parachute Nylon Hammock Backpacking Travel

My buddy just bought a portable hammock to get off the ground while camping. He made the move due to back issues from sleeping on the ground. After his purchase, he swears he will never look back at tent camping again. Super lightweight, easy to pack and rated to hold 500 lbs. How can you go wrong at this price? I hope one of these ends up in my stocking this year. *wink, wink* to any of my family reading this!

27. STURME Carabiner Clip Aluminum D-Ring Locking Durable Strong and Light Large Carabiners Clip Set for Outdoor Camping Screw Gate Lock Hooks 

If you are anything like me, you use carabiners for everything. I especially like these that have the lock screw to make sure that it does not come open. Designed after climbing carabiners (WARNING: NOT Applicable for climbing, swing, hammock, punching bag, etc.) they make sure whatever you put on them does not come off by accident. Super lightweight and strong because they are made with aircraft aluminum alloy. I use them to hang tons of stuff in the garage, hanging a light while camping, keys and the list goes on with possibilities. Always a great stocking stuffer that sure to be used.

28. Cavetime: God’s Plan for Man’s Escape from Life’s Assaults

This book is a great read and awesome devotional. It brings meaning back to the word “MAN”. Follows the story of King David and how God used him as an example of what a true man looks like. Used this book as a Bible study for a group of men and was amazed at how much we all grew spiritually from it. Perfect for those alone times around a campfire to reconnect with who God wants you to be. Pairs well with #5 on this list.

29. SUAOKI Camping Lantern Led Light Flashlight Rechargeable Battery (Powered by Hand Crank and USB Charging) Collapsible Ultra Compact Great for Hiking Camping Tent 

Personally bought this lantern just before Hurricane Irma hit the coast of Florida and it was a lifesaver. We lost power and it was out for almost a week. This lantern was the only thing my kids would go to sleep to. Has a hand crank generator to charge the light. Accordion style expansion allows the light to fill the room and it also allows for USB charging to power a cell phone in emergencies. Small, lightweight to make for easy packing but WOW was I impressed with the amount of light this lantern put off.

30. Portable Charger Solar Charger Power Bank 24000mah High Capacity 3 USB Output Ports Backup Battery Compatible iPhone iPad Tablet Samsung HTC Android Phone

Nothing is worse than getting ready to take that picture of the beautiful sunset overlooking that amazing spot you hiked up to and discover your phone is dead due to an app that is still running in the background. This has happened to me all too often. Hang this off your pack while hiking and let the sun that’s making you sweat charge your electronics as well. Has 3 ports and can charge your phone up to 6 times with a full charge. Plus it has a flashlight onboard for the “just in case” scenarios we are all too familiar with.

There you have it!

Our top 30 Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsman Under $25 dollars for this Holiday Season guide to help you decide what to get the person who loves the outdoors but has everything.

Have other Gift ideas for the Outdoorsman that we did not mention?

Leave them in the comments below so others can save time in the Holiday lines.

God Bless and Happy Holiday Shopping!

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