Will the NFL Protests Stop? | Who Cares? Hunting Season is Here! Get Prepared.

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The NFL protests. I know most of you are like me and you are tired of seeing all the media coverage of the NFL and the National Anthem Protests. Will the NFL protests ever stop?

“Who cares about the NFL? They don’t care about you!”

Who cares about what the NFL players are doing? Hunting season is here and you better be prepared if you are going to bag meat for the freezer.

Here is our 2017-2018 Hunting Season Pre-Woods Checklist to make sure you are ready before you head out to your stands.

2017 2018 Adventures PreHunt Checklist


Who cares if they do not love America enough to stand for the National Anthem that represents our country as a whole? Who cares because they do not care. Want to know how to fix it?

Stop supporting the NFL protests!

Stop supporting it. All of it.

Stop everything that has to do with the NFL and the overpaid athletes that are entitled (at least they think they are).

“Want to make a point? Just pull the plug on all of it.”

Stop buying NFL stuff. Stop watching the games. Stop going to the games. Stop arguing online and through social media who is right or wrong. Just stop.

The Money is the Answer.

When the teams and franchises start losing money from sponsors because their advertising dollars are not being seen on the games that no one is watching everything changes. When you stop supporting the money machine it will start changing attitudes. When you start hurting the wallets of stockholders things change. When you start affecting paychecks of players, things will change.

Do not get me wrong, I am all for free speech what I am not for is disrespect. 

Understanding the Reason NFL protests

I am not nieve or ignorant. I understand the reason for the protest is the injustice of others. I understand that this is “peaceful protesting”. I understand the First Amendment and what it means for EVERY American.


You are an American first. Not white, black, yellow, brown, green or blue. American. As an American, you stand for our National Anthem and cover your heart because you are American.

A young usher, holding cap at right, stands solemnly with religious, civil rights and labor leaders on the platform in front of Lincoln Memorial during the national anthem at the opening of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom program. Five of the 10 chairmen of the March also on the platform were, from left to right: Whitney M. Young Jr., executive director of the National Urban League; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference; Walter P. Reuther, president of the United Automobile Workers Union; Dr. Eugene Carson Blake, chief executive officer of the United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A., and acting chairman of the National Council of Churches’ Commission on Religion and Race; and, second from right, Rabbi Joachim Prinz, president of the American Jewish Congres. Religion News Service file photo

Here is a photo of the Martin Luther King Jr. standing as an American during the National Anthem just before their peaceful protest March on Washington. He was an American first.

Not standing for our Anthem is disrespect. You are disrespecting everyone that fought and died for your right to protest your opinions.

But Who you are really Disrespecting? YOURSELF. You are AMERICA. Not the flag, not the corrupt politicians, not laws, not amendments, not Wall Street but, YOU and I.


The Right.

The You have to right to take a knee anytime you want. You even have the right to not even be American anymore if you do so choose. You have the right to leave this great country anytime you would like. Remember you have the right to do so, but I also have the right to not support you. I have the right to boycott you. I have the right to spend my time and money elsewhere.

To all the people saying, “We should make them stand or fire them!”. Then do it. Prove it. Stop supporting them. Stop watching. Stop buying. Stop everything that has to do with them, including talking about them.

Stop the Wasteful Time

Image what you can get done on Sunday and Monday. That is two extra evenings that could be used for something more meaningful.

  • You could spend more time with family.
  • You could make to Sunday night church service now without any worries.
  • You help your kids with projects.
  • You can now help with dinner.
  • You can spend a little extra quality time with your wife.
  • You could spend more time in God’s word (this is the study Bible I use).
  • You could use that time to plan your hunting season

The list can go on and on. My point is Stop wasting time with the NFL and start making time for your life and your families life. Start looking at the things you are missing while you and “your team” are spending the quality time that you are never going to get back.

Time is precious.

The more time and money that you give to the NFL, is the more time and money that you will never get back. What a waste to give that to people who care nothing about your opinion or your country. Not even enough to stand as we represent what others have died to protect. You may not agree with politics, our government or others, but at least respect the country in which provides you with freedom and the right to free speech.

Here is our 2017-2018 Hunting Season Pre-Woods Checklist to make sure you are ready before you head out to your stands. Click image to Download Now!

2017 2018 Adventures PreHunt Checklist

Spend your money and time better. Take a kid outdoors. Use your gear you tailgate in the parking lot with and actually go camping with your kids. Take your little buddy out on their first hunting trip. Do something that really matters. Make memories with people who love and care about you. Make memories that will last forever.

Here is a list of a few things that you could use with that extra coin at Amazon (best prices I’ve found) to help you this hunting season:


God Bless the United States of America.

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