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We believe every Dad has a story to tell and the journey is what truly makes the Adventure.

Our mission is to uncover the unexpected, the unexplored, the misunderstood while bringing out the MAN you truly should be. Whether You have found your hidden YOU or not, we want to hear Your stories and share them with other like-minded Dads.

If it’s your first time here, we know the journey can be overwhelming, so we’ve created this page, with some of our very best resources, to get your compass set in the right direction.


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If you’re wondering about the people behind Adventures of a Christian Dad, be sure to check out the About Us page to read our story and learn about why we put this site together. You can also read my personal come back story here at From A Dark Dangerous Time to Find Your Compass True North.

Then, Say Hi and tell us a little about your Journey and how you found us.

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    “WE are MEN, and WE, have a God-given responsibility as MEN.”

    The “MAN” has been under assault for many years now. Men no longer know how to be men and have been emasculated by social issues.

    Families not passing down traditions, addictions to video games, kids not playing outside, women’s movements, political correctness, gender lines being blurred, homes without fathers, bad role models, Hollywood, and the lists goes on and on that emasculate “MAN” on a daily basis. So we have built this site to help guide MEN back to what God meant for MEN to be.

    These Articles are a good starting place to start redirecting your focus and compass back to “True North” of Masculinity while bringing the MAN inside of you out.


    Outdoor Skills and Survival

    Fishing How To

    Resources, Gear, and Gadgets for Adventures

    Never want to miss the next Article?

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