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Kids Baptism | Welcome a New Sister to the Family of...

My Best Buddy and his wife both strive to raise their two kids in a Christian home and be Godly Christian examples. Hoping that one day their kids will make the decision to accept the free give of salvation available to us because of Jesus Christ.
How to Clean Up My Life that looks like a Fish Fry - Me and Dad at the Father's Day Fish Fry 2012

How to Clean Up My Life that Looks like a Fish...

What does a fish fry and how to clean up my life have anything to do with each other? Answer: They both can get really messy, really fast and the consequences of a mess left unclean can have some real problems waiting for your future.
do the right thing mens prayer breakfast

It’s Easier To Do Right When You Know Right!

Doing the right thing can be difficult if you do not know what the right thing is in the first place. How do others know what is right in the first place?

Something Awesome Seen Teaching My Daughter How to Ride a Bike

While teaching my daughter how to ride her bike something really awesome happened. You remember learning how to ride a bike; right?  How difficult you remember...
How God uses Life to Empower Your Focus owl in a tree looking down at you

How God uses Life to Empower Your Focus.

DON'T HAVE TO TO READ NOW? SAVE TO PINTEREST AND READ LATER! As life events happen and good turns into bad. Your once envisioned outcome...
What is "A Good Name"dane samson devtional calvary men's campfire cook off

5 Proven Ways to Have “A Good Name”

5 Proven ways to Have "A Good Name" What do you think about when hearing the words, "A good name?" Better yet, WHO do you...
man in valley sunrise what God is against

How to Avoid What God Hates.

How to Avoid What God Hates. Throughout scripture in the Bible, there you can find thousands of examples showing how to avoid what God hates....
Hulk turning green and angry in front of green sky

Anger Killing Your Relationships? Here is How to Control It.

You can feel it. It’s about to happen again. That burning inside. The fuse is lit and you can feel your blood pressure rise. Anger...
gain access to heaven knowing for sure man sitting in the sunset of a lake and mountains in the background with orange sky

How to Gain Access to Heaven Knowing For Sure?

Want to Gain Access to Heaven knowing for sure? Well, you have made the right choice in searching for answers in how you will...
how to get eternal life

Want Everlasting Life? Here is how to get it.

What is Everlasting life? Who will live into eternity? What does your eternity have in store for you? Three questions everyone should ask themselves...