Who Knew this Budget Coffee Grinder would be GREAT?

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When my buddy found out about my coffee addiction it only seemed right for a Christmas gift to be something, well coffee! Hello, easy budget coffee grinder! We would host family/friend parties and EVERYONE would want coffee. I get out the manual coffee grinder and crank until I was sweating. Who wants to be sweating when they are hosting a party? Not me.

So my buddy, grabbed me the Krups F203 Electric coffee grinder to make my job a little easier. I was not convinced at first because I really like my previous manual burr grinder, but thought maybe I would not end up with tennis elbow.


  • Features

This coffee grinder by Krups is a compact machine that will fit on your cabinet nicely.

It can grind up to 12 cups of coffee and fast.

Its shape and the contour of the spinning blades make grounds consistent with your desired course.

With the 200 watt motor, it not only grinds coffee beans but spices, nuts, grains and more. I used it to make almond flour.

Easy to use push top button operation and a 2-year warranty.

  • Who It’s For

This grinder is perfect for those who are looking for a little grinder that does not take up too much space but will get the job done with ease.

You know I really enjoy a great cup of coffee and I just can not get that taste from pre-ground coffee. There is a significant taste difference in fresh ground coffee beans.

I was not sure about the blades, as I have read in the past that they tend to be inconsistent with the taste and coarseness but was surprised.


  • Pros

The really cool thing about this grinder is the shape and the way the blades bring the grounds in a circular motion to really grind the beans evenly. I really like how small and how fast it grinds the beans.

Easy to clean and fits just about anywhere.

Not as loud as so of the grinders I have seen in the past that sounds like a car wreck in the kitchen. This is great if you are an early riser like myself. Does not wake the wife and kids from their sleep.

  • Cons

One thing I have noticed that I did not like was the speed and how easy it is (if not paying attention) to over grind the beans. French press coarseness needs to be exact or it changes the taste. It’s easy to go from French to Cappuccino (extra fine) in just a few seconds.

Alternative Products

If you are a French press lover, you may want to look at Krups Burr Grinder or Manual Hand grinder to be able to adjust the desired course exactly. I have yet been able to get this down with the Krups F203.

I use my manual hand grinder when I know I am wanting to use the French Press.

  • My Final Opinion

For me, this Krups F203 Electric grinder will stay a staple.

It’s great for the K-Cup refills for a quick cup to go in the morning. It takes me a fraction of the time it would with my manual grinder and with the K-cup it does not have to be exact.

And really at the price listed you can not really go wrong to have a fresh ground cup of coffee to get you the morning started.

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Coffee 123: Beans, Roast & Brew

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Coffee makes the world go round.

  • What is your favorite brewing roast?
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