30 Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsman Under $25 dollars this Holiday...

You want to get your outdoorsman a gift for the holidays but not wanting to break the bank. But what do you get the outdoorsman that has everything? Maybe you have no idea what to get that person because you know nothing of the outdoors? Well here are 30 Gift ideas under $25 your Outdoorsman is sure to appreciate.

Hunting Preseason Fitness with First Family 5k

Hunt Preseason Fitness with First Family 5k is in the books ... AND we finished in record time, well for this event anyway. BUT I learned a very valuable lesson about hunting preseason fitness that shed light on what I needed to change before this year's hunting season kicks off. Thanks, First Family 5k.

Kids Baptism | Welcome a New Sister to the Family of...

My Best Buddy and his wife both strive to raise their two kids in a Christian home and be Godly Christian examples. Hoping that one day their kids will make the decision to accept the free give of salvation available to us because of Jesus Christ.

Duck Scouting Florida while Shooting Moorhen as a Beginner

Duck Scouting Florida while Shooting Moorhen as a beginner. Learning what it takes to scout ducks in Florida. Find out what a Moorhen is and why they are...

Crisis Adverted- How to Fix Rocky Snake Hunting Boots Soles with...

Has the sole of your hunting boots come off due to the heat from your garage? As I was going through my hunting gear in...
How to Clean Up My Life that looks like a Fish Fry - Me and Dad at the Father's Day Fish Fry 2012

How to Clean Up My Life that Looks like a Fish...

What does a fish fry and how to clean up my life have anything to do with each other? Answer: They both can get really messy, really fast and the consequences of a mess left unclean can have some real problems waiting for your future.
Essential duck hunting Gear and How to for beginners duck flying with cross hairs in a blue green sky

Essential Duck Hunting Gear and How-To Guide for Beginners

As fall approaches, I hear buddies talk about going duck hunting and it sounds exciting, but my question is what's the essential duck hunting gear and how-to for beginners?
Amazon Prime Day Outdoor Deals

Amazon Prime Day | Best Time to Score Big on Outdoor...

If you love to Score Big on Outdoor Gear shopping then today is your day! Amazon has the best prices around on just about anything...
do the right thing mens prayer breakfast

It’s Easier To Do Right When You Know Right!

Doing the right thing can be difficult if you do not know what the right thing is in the first place. How do others know what is right in the first place?
3 kids photos on the bed

What Being a Good Father Really Means?

As Father’s Day approaches every June, the conversations are filled with gifts, parties, get-togethers, and events all wrapped around our fathers. It’s everywhere for...